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Welcome to Randolph Girls Lacrosse Website

Calling All Girl Athletes Grades K-8th:

Time to register for GIRLS LACROSSE!

Never played?  That's OK!  We welcome new players at any level and will work with beginners. 

If your player likes a fast moving, fun team sport - sign up for LACROSSE! 


Sign up through Community Pass:  http://www.randolphnj.org/parks_and_recreation/online_registration

 or Call the Recreation Center: 973-989-7081


Early Bird Registration Discount through 1/31.  


Program Description by Level: 

 Kindergarten Little Stix – This program is a GREAT introduction to Lacrosse for your young athlete.  We provide the stick and ball and your player just needs to show up and have fun.  We work on the very early basics of scooping, throwing, and catching in a fun environment of games and contests to keep your athlete engaged. Little Stix meets for 5 Sunday afternoons in April and May (not Spring Break).

 1st grade – In Lacrosse, 1st graders are getting ready to compete! We work on the basics of scooping, throwing, and catching and introduce game play on an intramural level, with combined 1st and 2nd grade games. This level starts with indoor practice in March and meets x1/per week in April and May. 

 2nd grade -  2nd grade Lacrosse players are ready to meet some outside competition!  In addition to ongoing skill development and the introduction of game concepts, 2nd grade lacrosse players travel to and host games with other towns.  2nd graders begin indoor practices in March and progress to two contacts per week in April and May.

 3rd & 4th Grade (3/4) – 3/4 Lacrosse is made up of combined 3rd and 4th grade teams.  We continue to sharpen skills and develop the basic understanding of game concepts for attack, defense, and transition.  The 3/4 level is a travel team, playing other towns from our conference.  3/4 will have both indoor and outdoor practices in March and progress to three contacts per week in April and May, with practices and games. These teams finish the season with a local tournament. 

 5th & 6th Grade (5/6)– 5/6 Lacrosse is a fun progression in the game as the players move to a full field. In addition, modified checking is part of this level of play and sticks can be checked below the shoulders.  We continue to push the sharpening of skills and add in more challenging game concepts. These players begin outside in March three times a week and continue with practices and games until early June. These teams play in two tournaments during the season, in May and June. 

 7th & 8th Grade (7/8) – 7/8 Lacrosse is our fastest and most competitive level of play.  These teams have attained the basic skills and can focus on more challenging game concepts, such as help defense, motion attack, and defending in transition. Attack plays are a fun addition at this level as well as transitional checking, a form of full checking, above the shoulders. 7/8 begins practicing outside in March and continues through early June three times per week with practices and games. These teams will play in two tournaments, in May and June.


There are also Select opportunities at the 3/4 and 7/8 levels.

 Additional questions may be directed to the Recreation Office (973-989-7081), Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm, or to Elisa LaPietra, Girls Lacrosse Program Chairman at zlapietra@gmail.com


See you out there! 




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